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Recipes & Simple Guides To Help You Reach Your Health Goals

  • Why Collagen Is A Lean Alternative To Protein Powders

    We all know the benefit of whey protein when it comes to building muscle and repairing muscles. In fact it's taken by many of us who do some form of exercise such as running, lifting weights or even competing in sports. But what most of us don't know is that collagen is very good natural alternative to whey protein.

    Collagen protein isn't mixed with any chemicals, and is a very lean option of getting in your daily dose of protein with 0g of fat, carbs and sugar. On top of that, collagen also provides beauty-enhancing effects as well as reducing joint pain.

  • Collagens Importance in Strengthening Teeth and Gums

    Many benefits of collagen are obvious: it's great for your skin, hair, nails, joints, guts and healing wounds. But one benefit that doesn't seem to get the spotlight it deserves is how collagen can strengthen your teeth and gums. Ensuring that you have a perfect and radiant smile.

    Collagen is present in your teeth and gums, so by stocking up on the body's collagen supplies. You will essentially replenish the collagen that continuously degrades each year for a set of stronger, long-lasting teeth and gums.

  • 3 Delicious, Healthy Recipes That Satisfy Your Cravings & Are Good For You

    Here are 3 lovely recipes that will ramp up your taste buds! Whilst also being very healthy and good for you at the same time. Once you eat these pancakes, brownies and flapjacks, you'll feel as good as how these delicious foods taste, without being put into a food coma.

    These recipes are all keto and paleo friendly. They can also be made grain free and gluten free for all of you who have a problem digesting them. Incorporate superfoods into your diet in a very a fun way and enjoy your journey to becoming leaner by eating these amazing clean foods.

  • How to Reduce Bloating and Gas

    Bloating and gas is a very common problem that many people suffer from. It's a problem that directly results from the very foods you have in your diet and whether you swallow too much air. However with this new knowledge, you will learn the causes and solutions to stopping bloating forever.

    Moreover, you will realise that it's a very easy problem to take care of. With the help of exercise, cutting down on fatty-processed foods, alkalising your body, you can eliminate bloating and gas for good.

  • Oxidative Stress And Why We Need Antioxidants

    Antioxidants play a vital role in keeping our health in check. This is because they destroy harmful molecules in our bodies called free radicals, which are known to degrade your quality of life. As they can catalyse damage in our bodies and cause severe illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Disease and Arthritis. 

    Find out how to combat free radicals by eating the right foods, which foods to avoid and what activities you can do to ensure that you produce enough antioxidants; to eradicate any free radicals from holding your health back a notch.