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Why Collagen Is A Lean Alternative To Protein Powders

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Collagen is a Lean Muscle-Building Machine

Chances are that if you supplement your body with protein, then you take whey protein instead of a collagen protein powder.

But have you ever actually considered the benefits that collagen provides on top of helping you build muscle? It works like a miracle for anti-ageing, recovery, improving gut health, and is even a more lean source of protein than whey.

Marine Collagen Powder isn't mixed with any artificial sweeteners, chemical additives or bulking agents. So it's a complete natural source of protein, that doesn't cause any of the bloating or gas that comes with your traditional whey powders.

It should also be noted that, although 10g of collagen protein is the optimum amount for gaining the beauty-enhancing effects of collagen. You should take at least 20g of collagen protein or more for building muscle and recovering from a workout, as it's more practical.

This works as your body can only absorb so much collagen. So if you take say 30g of collagen protein, then you'd get the beauty-enhancing effects from absorbing the first 10g. But you'd also get the 28.5g of pure muscle-building protein after a workout, making collagen the ultimate foundation for your post-workout shake. 


Now why would we recommend you to take collagen instead of pure whey?

Well if we go back to the times of our ancestors, we would find that their diets would've been full of collagen. Because they'd eat all the remains of the animals that they hunted. Whether it was eating their bones in the form of broths, their organs or even their connective tissues.

But now in the Western World, these foods seem to have become removed from our diets, and now for protein we tend to only rely on muscle meat. This has hurt the bodies processes of boosting the immune system, gut health and to an extent; has weakened your ability of looking youthful for longer.

Because it's very hard and impractical to get the required amount of collagen into your diet, naturally through wholefoods. Our fish collagen is created from the hide of wild-caught cod and their bones, to ensure that our Marine Collagen Powder has the highest quantity of collagen possible. To help you blossom both physically and mentally.

Therefore we would recommend you to take collagen protein instead of whey. As collagen will also help you to alleviate any chronic, joint pains that has resulted from exercise, or in general. 


The Benefits Collagen has Over Whey

Whey and collagen protein have very similar abilities when it comes to building muscle. The only key difference being that collagen builds more leaner muscle mass than whey. And you also don't get the stomach cramps or digestive issues with consuming collagen like you do with whey.

So take it from us, collagen is the ultimate food supplement for general use. Not only does it aid in the bodies natural processes of digestion, immune function and repair.

But collagen helps you to build muscle, achieve healthier-glowing skin, longer hair, thicker nails and all of these benefits with no side-effects. Like bloating, gas or increased bowel movements, that come from consuming protein powders. As they're packed with additives, bulking agents and unhealthy artificial ingredients.

You can learn more about our Marine Collagen here.



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