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Collagens Importance in Strengthening Teeth and Gums


When do we need Collagen to look after our teeth

Most people take collagen for it's beauty enhancing effects and it's links with helping recovery. Such as gaining healthier-glowing skin, reducing joint pain and quickening muscle recovery.

But one very underrated benefit of collagen which seems lost and doesn't get highlighted as much. Is the absolute wonders that it can do to strengthen your teeth and gums, to ensure that you have a radiant and healthy smile.

From the age of 14 you tend to get your full set of adult teeth. But onwards from then, our bodies don't have the capability of creating any more teeth. So we need to make sure that we look after them as best we can.


The Problems of not having Collagen to support our teeth

Not looking after our oral health makes us prone to gum disease and receding gums. We may also need to opt for dentures in surgery to replace the teeth we have lost as a result of poor oral health.

The same fibres of collagen that are used to build connective tissues around the body, are used to attach our teeth firmly into the gums.

If we don't replenish the body's collagen supplies as we get older, then the connective tissues that hold our teeth into our gums become weaker. This can lead to gum disease, and could mean that we can lose our teeth forever.

Good oral hygiene is one other way to stop this from happening. But even those who brush and floss religiously after every meal can gain dental problems. Since gum and tooth damage occur by brushing too vigorously or eating foods which are too acidic (i.e processed foods or foods with a high sugar/sweetener content).

Taking Collagen however could be the perfect oral solution to having a healthy set of teeth. As collagen, is a natural element which works to heal and maintain all the different structures in your body. It makes up organs, muscles, bones, hair, nails, teeth and even skin.

Although our teeth are relatively small, they're made up of four tissues: pulp, enamel, dentin and cementum.

With decay or erosion from poor oral hygiene and the foods we eat, these layers can become easily damaged. This can lead to harsh pain and tooth loss which needs to be taken care of.

We also need to take care of the gums surrounding our teeth, otherwise they won't be strong enough to support our teeth and we can experience tooth loss this way.


What Collagen does for teeth and gums

Collagen's useful property of enhancing gum healing is very handy for making sure that this doesn't happen in the first place. As it's known that collagen acts as a scaffold for the body's own cells to repair any damage, and that it's effectiveness is similar to that of connective tissue grafts.

Which are used in dental practices to heal tooth root exposures (the area between the socket of the tooth and gums), to prevent plaque from turning into tartar. So that your gums have a chance to heal, preventing gum disease.

According to studies collagen is one of the only natural substances that help to restore enamel, stopping plaque from building up. It's also prevalent in tooth germ, which is responsible for tooth growth and development.

If you're impressed with all the benefits that collagen can provide to your skin, hair, nails, joints and now you're teeth & gums. Plus you're willing to invest in your health. Then you may be interested in learning more about our Marine Collagen


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