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Marine Collagen Powder (400g)
Marine Collagen Powder (400g)
Marine Collagen Powder (400g)
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Marine Collagen Powder (400g)

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  • Hydrolysed from Wild Caught North Sea Cod
  • 1.5x Better Absorbed Protein Powder
  • Amino Acids for Bone, Joint, Gut, Hair and Youthful Skin
  • Halal, Kosher and Keto Friendly

The Natural Antioxidant
To Looking Younger

Whether you’d like skin that glows without wrinkles, longer hair, or longer nails. You need collagen in your life.

Collagen is the natural antioxidant that stops all your features from ageing, as you get older. So that you can not only look your best, but feel like you’re in your prime.

Get guaranteed results within 4-8 weeks, by just investing 30 seconds of your time to take it everyday!


Get rid of unpleasant wrinkles and stretch marks


Grow thicker hair and nails.


Moisturise your skin to help it glow

What Makes Our Marine Collagen A Best Seller?

Transform your life with these essential health benefits.

Longer Hair

Healthy Teeth

Stronger Nails

Healthy Glowing Skin

Reduces Joint Pain

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Heal Joint Pain With Our Marine Collagen

No matter how strong or athletic you are, we all get joint pain. Now while rest is what comes to mind when repairing this type of pain. Taking our collagen will speed up recovery, as it increases the production of cartilage within the body. Which reduces the friction in our joints, so that we can live pain free.

Our Marine Collagen Is Always

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free

Halal Certified

Kosher Certified

Keto Friendly

The Secret To Glowing Skin, Collagen

Experience healthier skin from a collagen supplement that gets results. Our collagen has no junk, just the real thing. Pure Marine Collagen. Which is 1.5x better absorbed than all other sources of collagen, so your skin glows and looks more plump than ever before. Best of all, it’s easy to take with no taste or smell.

It Takes Just 30 seconds To Take Collagen And Maximise Your Skin Health Forever.